CyberArk Integration

CyberArk Integration

assyst integrates with CyberArk Application Access Manager (AAM) to provide assyst with quick, secure access to privileged system credentials.

What it does:

  • assyst Password Vault Manager plugin connects securely with CyberArk AAM.
  • Manage the way assyst automations access system accounts from within CyberArk.
  • Eliminate hard-coded credentials and the associated security and operations problems these cause.

How it works:

  • assyst sends a REST API or LCP request to CyberArk AAM through the assystVault Manager plugin.
  • CyberArk pulls the relevant credentials from its secure Digital VaultTM.
  • Credentials are securely returned to assyst where they are used and then cleared.
  • No credentials are stored within the assyst database.
  • This request-and-return process happens quickly, with no noticeable performance impact—even for intensive use such as discovery.

Benefits to you:

  • Gain central control over the privileged accounts used by assyst automations.
  • No more hard-coded system passwords.
  • Improve security: Rotate privileged account passwords from a central system, without breaking integrations.
  • Complete, tamper-proof audit trail of privileged sessions opened by assyst.
  • Highly scalable: Quick credential request cycles support rapid enterprise-wide automated discovery.

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