Info Zone

Info Zone

See contextual information, automatically served up by our smart agent helper

What it does:

Automatically displays useful information to support incident resolution, root cause analysis, and other IT tasks

Key features:

  • Real-time analysis of infrastructure data and IT records to uncover solutions to a variety of issues
  • The information that comes out of this process is served-up to the IT user in the form of relevant records, background information, and guidance on how to proceed/resolve

How it works:

  • assyst mines the rich data help with the extended CMDB, referencing infrastructure data and current/historic IT records to find the connections
  • The most relevant information and guidance is displayed in real time. When they change the form data, the information and suggestions the Info Zone provides changes

Benefits to you:

  • Faster incident resolution
  • Quick root cause analysis
  • Avoid "reinventing the wheel"

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