Axios Webinar

Are you in the Bermuda Triangle of SAM?

SAM Webinar

Seeing the bigger picture:
The benefits of integrating tools and processes

Presented by: Ed Perez (Business Solution Consultant, Axios Systems), Laura Herr (Product Manager, Axios Systems) and Rory Canavan (SAM Charter)

Knowing where your organization is with respect to Software Asset Management is the first step to understanding if you are caught in the Bermuda Triangle of SAM.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) share the same goal: managing technology to deliver business value. They’re part of the same machine, so it makes sense to help IT Operations Managers work in harmony with IT Service Managers – sharing tools and information to improve efficiency of IT and deliver more value to the business at a lower cost.

In this session, we discuss how assyst, in conjunction with solid SAM processes, can enable greater operational efficiencies and higher business value. Control software assets in one integrated ITSM-ITOM solution.

The webinar covers 3 key areas:

  • What is the Bermuda Triangle of SAM and how can you tell you’re in it?
  • What the industry perspective is and why Axios provide ITOM natively with ITSM.
  • Using SAM within assyst: the power of integrated ITSM and ITOM.