Real-life Enterprise Service Management customers: stories from the field

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17-Jun-2019 15:27:55

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As discussed in our previous blog post“Using assyst to overcome the five key business challenges to Enterprise Service Management", Axios Systems UK Account Manager Chris Burnside explained that ESM is not unique to any one particular sector. 

In this post, Chris talks about how ESM is being used, and considered, among a variety of Axios Systems customers across all industries.

Public Sector 

Fife Council - one of the largest Local Authorities in Scotland, delivering more than 900 services to over 160,000 households in Fife - was one of the first UK customers to adopt self-service for IT. They started gradually, about 12 years ago, initially just offering a handful of key service offerings. They launched their "3S project" (Shared Service Support), with a view to consolidating their disparate service desks into one Shared Service Desk.

"Right now, Fife Council is using assyst for a number of services, including: accounting, HR, business travel requests, recruitment, building services, budgeting, surveyors, school janitors (maintenance) and maternity/paternity leave. These are just some of the 14 areas of the council in which assyst is used.

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"Successfully implemented in 2012/13, the 3S initiative has provided cost and resource efficiencies for Fife Council, which also uses assyst for any internal case management.

We also have examples of councils sharing their service desk and instance of assyst, either with another council, or with related organisations, such as the NHS or health board. 

Higher Education 

Again, Axios Systems has a number of higher education establishments using assyst, not only sharing it across IT and non-IT business areas, but also sharing a portal with different offerings for staff and students. 

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One of our first customers to adopt ESM - before the term ESM was widely used - is a higher education establishment. They got to the end of their IT self-service project and had a lightbulb moment where they thought – why don’t we use assyst also for vehicle tracking, property and estates?"


One of the biggest benefits to our retail customers who are using assyst self-service is lower maintenance than legacy or in-house systems. Suppliers can also access via the portal, a key element in improving efficiency and ensuring standards and SLAs are met. 

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"Retail is such a high-tempo environment, so it is essential that slow processes which are a drain on productivity and increase the resolution time are reduced or even removed. We've seen some service desks completely transformed by implementing a combination of self-service, automation or service catalog.

"Clients have reported a significant increase in end-user satisfaction by using the self-service portal, as it speeds up their everyday tasks as well as reducing the amount of manual work they would otherwise have to do.

"And it's not just on the front-line that assyst has its uses in retail. Sobeys - a large Canadian retailer - is already using self-service for its HR function and has plans to roll it out for Logistics and Marketing departments."

Learning from others in the field

To customers who wish to start adopting ESM, Axios is always keen to put them in contact with a customer who has already launched assyst for non-IT support. We do this by arranging a reference call or visit.  Fife Council as an example has spent time with many other customers from all sectors who are looking to embark on ESM. 

Axios runs Regional User Groups once a year in various locations across the globe. At one of last year’s events, two customers met for the first time. One customer had rolled out assyst for ESM in the past year and the other customer was about to embark on this journey. They kept in contact through visits, emails, and calls, to ask for advice, lessons learned, and to provide their help and guidance. This really is a great testament to the sharing and collaboration among the customer community where the attitude is very much – if we can help with something we have already done, there is no point in reinventing the wheel.” 

To find out more about Enterprise Service Management and how it is adopted effectively, check out our latest 10 guiding principles insights, or read our ESM datasheet.

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