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Building Trust With Every Moment of Service

Is your tech delivering moments of service that your customers love? Or is it silently destroying your brand reputation just out of sight? As the saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair”. Trust builds over time, so the trick is to find and eli …

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6 automation trends you need to know for 2022

2022 will be the year of hyperautomation—organizations using automation tech everywhere they can to shift routine workloads off people and onto technology. Understanding how to transfer different types of workloads from people to machines is the challenge, made more difficult by the s …

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How IFS assyst customers are leveraging ESM to gain an unfair advantage

Our customers always tell us that speed and agility are the keys to success. They need to operate and adapt more quickly than the competition to stay ahead. To do this, they’re aggressively using technology to build speed and agility into as many areas of business as they can—to get t …

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Within 10 years, 70% of value created by organizations will be digitally enabled

When Edwin Land, co-founder of Polaroid said, “Someone is going to make your product obsolete. Make sure it’s you,” he knew what he was talking about. It’s an immutable truth of business. But it has never been more important than today. 🕔 5m read

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How ESM helps with Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, mergers and acquisitions are up. In the year leading up to June 30th, 2021, there were 16,672 M&As in the US—up from 13,446 in the previous year. That’s a 24% increase. Mergers and acquisitions are complex and disruptive. The post-merger integration …

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3 questions CIOs should be asking their I&O teams...but probably aren't

In complex IT environments, asking the right questions is the key to discovering and solving challenges and risks—and questions can be a powerful way to shift thinking and culture. 🕔 5m read

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IFS assyst named a Leader in Enterprise Service Management

The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2021 evaluates the 15 most significant Enterprise Service Management (ESM) vendors across a set of 22 criterion. IFS assyst is named a Leader in the ESM space. If you’re thinking about changing your service management provider, t …

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All you need to know about IFS assyst 11.4

  At IFS, we’re incredibly excited to be announcing the latest version of our popular enterprise service management (ESM) platform: IFS assyst. This is the first release of the platform since assyst became part of the IFS portfolio—and we have a whole host of exciting new features to …

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