The Best of SWL 2022 (SupportWorld Live)

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24-May-2022 19:00:00

May is turning out to be an eventful month and we’re thrilled to have completed another great show at SWL (SupportWorld Live).

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Gathering the IT service and support community across the globe, SWL brought a huge range of sessions, workshops, and panel discussions across the one-week event on May 15-20 at MGM Las Vegas. Leaders and experts shared best practices and brought solutions to overcome the most common and difficult challenges relating to IT service and support. Attendees also had a chance to network and meet up with other professionals to exchange ideas, all of which can help build better business outcomes.

With 1,000 attendees, it came out to be a lively time and we were excited to see so many of you there. Here are just some of the best highlights we gathered from the event.

Keynote sessions that entertained and inspired

From ensuring team success through managing expectations and creating a purpose to implementing an ITSM strategy that works, many thought leaders shared their insights and expertise through engaging talks in their respective fields. Whether SWL visitors are looking to create an impact on their career, team, or organization, they can find actionable tips and advice from there.

Insightful keynote with Keith O’Kelly - Future-Proof the Enterprise Through Automation While Empowering Employees

With the workplace continuing to change at a rapid pace, how can organizations keep up and ensure their workforce is set up for success?

On May 18, Keith O’Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer at IFS assyst, shared that empowering employees through automation is key to ensuring your business is future-proofed. By automating routine processes and freeing up employees’ time, you can maintain employee engagement and allow your workforce to focus on the more strategic aspects of their roles. This, in turn, will lead to a better customer experience as empowered staff would be more inclined to provide better service to customers. But this is only possible with cohesive applications that can seamlessly run throughout the business without complicated customization or additional costs.

Keith also shared how leading organizations like Wyndham Hotels, Hennepin County, and others have tackled these obstacles and future-proofed their processes to achieve business objectives.

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A stand that drew the eye to attention

As busy as the exhibition is with its many talks and workshops, many delegates couldn’t help but stop by our amazing booth. Whether it’s to participate in the games we prepared or check out what IFS assyst can offer to organizations, there was a lot to do at our purple stand. Our enthusiastic Solution Consultants held over 92 live demos, showcasing IFS assyst’s great capabilities that are helping leading organizations tackle their biggest ESM/ITSM challenges.

From the easy-to-use workflow templates to the ability to create a unified self-service portal, visitors were left impressed with IFS assyst’s various features. Our t-shirt price model also gave a clear, transparent view of costs when considering investing in the solution.

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Osca’s challenge: Round Two

After the successful run of giveaways at our SITS event in the UK, we decided to do it again for SWL. It was popular on this side of the globe too as hundreds of delegates challenged Osca on a “Rapid Reaction” game for a chance to win a brand-new purple iMac. Defeating Osca wasn’t an easy task and only one person managed to complete the challenge.

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Likewise, many showed interest in our grand prize of a 1-year ESM license worth $100,000 to help kickstart their business transformation journey. Participants signed up to try our free self-paced workflow and automation program that shares actionable tips on how you can automate key processes for an enhanced end-user experience. If you’re interested in taking the course yourself and be in the chance to win the free 1-year license, you can sign up here.

SWL stars

Despite the back-to-back events, our team continued to bring bright energy to the stand. It wouldn’t be a successful IFS run without the people. Everyone brought unwavering enthusiasm, putting together an amazing show!

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Missed the live?

We hope everyone who attended SWL was just as excited about all the different activities and enjoyed the event as much as we did. For those who dropped by our booth, we’re grateful to have seen as many of you as possible.

But if you didn’t go to the event or missed the chance to visit our stand, make sure to watch this video on why leading organizations trust IFS. You can also check out SWL's virtual event here.

Or if you’d like to see IFS assyst in action, you can still reach out to request a demo and discover how you can get started on your business transformation journey.

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