Axios assyst Rated Clear Winner by Creditsafe Across ITSM Vendors

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12-Oct-2020 14:00:00

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Creditsafe swaps BMC Remedy for assyst SaaS ITSM to provide full visibility and control of the service stack, automate IT operations, and accelerate innovation.


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Customer Profile

Founded in 1997, Creditsafe is the world’s most-used provider of company credit reports, with 500,000 subscription customers globally. They give customers instant and accurate visibility of credit risks so that they can decide who to sell to and who to partner with. Customers can evaluate credit risks to ensure steady cash-flow—without slowing down business operations.

Their technology combines public and private data to simplify and accelerate access to millions of credit records in a way that makes immediate business sense. Customers can access information via the web, integration into their own business systems, or fold data into their own service offerings via API.


The Challenge

As the leading provider of company credit reports, Creditsafe must constantly innovate new services to remain number one. But their legacy BMC Remedy implementation was slowing them down. It was making daily operations too complex, lacked basic automation, and was “not user friendly”. Remedy administration was taking up time that should have been used to create new digital products for customers.


Having experienced the pain of a legacy on-premise tool, Creditsafe wanted modern ITSM technology without the overheads. They wanted rich out of the box features, with easy admin, delivered over the web as a secure service (SaaS)—so they could focus on innovation, instead of wasting time administering their old ITSM tool.

They needed a modern ITSM platform which could make it easy to apply transformative best practices and automations that would help them quickly level-up performance. They envisioned a roadmap to high IT maturity with a strong focus on harnessing AI to boost productivity and close integration between ITSM and ITOM to achieve full visibility and control over the service ecosystem.

Axios Systems consultants had a strong understanding of our vision and were with us every step of the way.


They also wanted strong ITIL alignment and used Pink Elephant’s PinkVERIFY as a benchmark for ITIL-aligned technology capabilities. Of the 4 shortlisted ITSM platforms, only assyst and ServiceNow are verified for all 16 evaluated processes—with Cherwell and Ivanti falling short of the full set.

Vendor Selection

Creditsafe followed a rigorous selection process to evaluate the 4 short-listed vendors across 7 key criteria areas:

  • Feature fit – What each ITSM platform could do and whether features were ready-to-use or not.
  • Ease of use/speed of implementation – How easy it is to setup, administer, and use the technology to get things done.
  • Scalability – As a growing company, Creditsafe needed to know that their ITSM platform could both facilitate and support rapid growth.
  • Security – As a digital fintech firm, security and privacy are crucial to a trusted reputation, as well as regulatory compliance.
  • Affordability – Creditsafe were looking for value for money, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and a predictable subscription-based SaaS license model.
  • Availability – With a complex portfolio of digital services and APIs, having a high availability SaaS ITSM platform was essential to achieving real-time, 24x7 monitoring and management of service performance—where service downtime means lost revenue and brand damage.
  • Quality of support – As a global organization, Creditsafe required global, follow-the-sun support.

Why Creditsafe Chose assyst

With more ready-to-go features than any other vendor, assyst is the obvious choice for any organization wanting access to the power of modern ITSM technology right now, not in six months or a year. No other vendor could provide Creditsafe with what they needed and make it fast.

Our assyst product is built to be configured, not customized. That means you can fit assyst around your unique requirements using drag-and-drop tools that take minutes to use—instead of complex customizations which can take months to design and code.

Because of this, our consultants were able to commit confidently to a short deployment timeline—giving Creditsafe rapid value versus ServiceNow's much slower ramp-up.

We're now able to pursue our ITOM and AI Chatbot strategy with an ITIL-based solution.


How to quantify the ROI of omnichannel ITSM

Rollout in 30 Days

The technical implementation of assyst was rolled out in just 30 days, including integrated Incident/Problem/Change Management and a fully-populated, service-oriented CMDB with automated asset discovery to keep the CMDB fresh. With BMC Remedy they had only a partial CMDB and no automated discovery—meaning the data they were looking at was neither complete nor accurate.

What made the implementation process so seamless was the level of communication from the consultants. There was a strong understanding between us about the stages involved and what we wanted from our vision.


Applying an omnichannel support strategy was also a strong focus for the implementation. The objective was to increase web and mobile self-service adoption to shift traffic from the phone channel and phase out the email channel. On top of this, Creditsafe deployed a digital chat channel: Starting with "live chat" (powered by service desk agents) and then augmented with an AI chatbot—which uses the knowledge base created and captured during the initial live chat phase.

As a result, Creditsafe were able to quickly automate 30% of service desk calls, freeing up staff to pursue innovations to keep Creditsafe ahead of the competition.

Axios Systems Regional CEO Markos Symeonides commented:

Remedy customers like Creditsafe have had enough of the heavy application management overheads and want something simpler so they can focus on innovation, not feeding and watering their ITSM tools. Creditsafe wanted modern ITSM technology to automate work, provide a better experience to service customers, and make room for rapid innovation, which is exactly what they are doing.


tick New improved digital service experience and an increase in customer satisfaction.
tick Service desk traffic diverted from phone and email to web and mobile.
tick Service-oriented view of the entire ecosystem, kept complete and accurate by automated asset discovery.
tick Automation of 30% of service desk calls, freeing up staff to pursue innovations that will keep Creditsafe ahead of the competition.
tick Integration with Slack as a new support channel, allowing employees to get direct access to support—right from inside their enterprise collaboration platform.
tick Reduced ITSM platform and IT operations costs.



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