Driving IT effectiveness and satisfaction: 4 case studies

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16-Nov-2017 13:38:00

Tired of low response times and resolution rates, poor communication and service interruptions? There’s no need to get too worked up over it. While it is true that these aspects can be frustrating to an organization, inspiration can be found via four companies who conquered inefficiency and dissatisfaction.

Through a combination of Self-Service, effective CMDB and consolidation of service desks, assyst helped transform the fortunes of the four businesses featured in our case studies.
Dubai Courts lower calls by 60%
Having adopted assyst to manage a host of processes including Incident, Problem and Change management, Dubai Courts users are now successfully using the self-service portal. Since then, they have been able to reduce service desk calls by 60%. This improved efficiency has been a hit with its customers, increasing satisfaction by 75%.

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Remedy replaced in 106 days
A loyal client since 2004, The City and Council of Swansea (CCS) decided to move all other corporate departments shift towards Axios last year, having previously been with Remedy.
Just 106 days after the project was initialised, assyst was implemented throughout the council after initial scoping and workshops all before a 1st October go-live deadline. In March 2016, 95% of changes were logged via the self-service portal.

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Continual improvement at Plains Midstream

By introducing robust change and release management processes to gain more control of their environment and a customer-facing portal, Plains Midstream Canada were able to meet their two specific goals: deliver IT support to end users and track service delivery performance.
PMC now uses assyst CMDB to track incidents and configuration item changes. This has improved communication across the business and greater efficiencies due to the implementation of best practice.

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ITSM creates clarity at Emirates Advanced Investment Group

With the aim of achieving ISO 2000 certification, Emirates Advanced Investment Group sought an ITSM provider that would allow them to do this. Axios then rolled out assyst for Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and CMDB to turn things around.
The use of the CMDB has enabled EAIG to effectively manage all deployed configuration items as well as being able to locate all assets with the right people at the right time. This has resulted in lower running costs and increased vision.

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