How to generate 57% efficiencies in Service Delivery with SIAM adoption

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04-Dec-2017 11:55:00

Until now, much of our knowledge about Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has been largely theoretical, with few practical use cases to analyse. Our latest case study on Italy’s largest Asset Management firm demonstrates the benefits your organization can achieve by adopting SIAM.

Based in Milan, Azimut Group selected assyst by Axios Systems in 2012 via a three-phased implementation and have gone on to enjoy operational benefits and create a clear business vision across all departments.

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The project was met with various challenges, ranging from a complete revamp of operating model, having previously used an inefficient telephony systems to log issues. Rapid growth within the Group made it clear that a simpler, more agile solution was required.

Azimut were keen to move away from a long-term partnership with a single supplier of services, instead opting for a more favourable multi-sourcing alternative. This enabled them to out-source to internal or external suppliers to deliver specific services in a timely manner.

Once Support Services had been stabilized and suppliers engaged, Azimut started to reap the benefits of integrating the onboard suppliers and the wider business. Greater visibility of the service delivery processes made it far easier for teams to react to customer demand and feedback, as well as improving communication across all areas with increased accountability.

Some of the key operational benefits included a 57% reduction in the Mean Time to Resolve, meaning that incident resolution times dropped substantially from when they were last measured pre-2012.

The reason for this improvement was down to the fact that, by selecting various suppliers – which increased by 326% over a 12 month period – Azimut were able to tap into expertise in a way they could not manage previously.

Ahead of an expected expansion of functionality for the future, including the development of reporting to incorporate end-user dashboards and around-the-clock access portal via assyst, Azimut have exploited the innumerable advantages associated with SIAM adoption.

SIAM offers an alternative methodology for organizations to delivery effective end-to-end service for its end-users. Azimut have shown that while still in its infancy as a stand-alone concept, SIAM is a perfect structure – based on ITIL best practice – to increase scalability, segregate duties and partner with the right suppliers at the right time.

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