Is IT in the “Always Behind Business?”

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23-Aug-2017 15:23:00

Are IT departments in the “always-behind business?” In Thornton May’s latest article in Computerworld, he reports that most CIOs he comes across feel this way, and are under enormous pressure to do more with less. These CIOs feel they just can’t keep up with the rapid frequency of change and business users’ ever increasing demand for swift and easy support. On top of all that, IT departments still need to keep productivity up while budgets are sliced. So how do CIOs keep up while driving costs down? SaaS ITSM.

  With IT departments under increasing pressure to align with and integrate into the business, they need practical, modern service management technology that supports their processes. IT service management (ITSM) software automates these processes, creating a seamless business user experience while freeing up IT resources to focus on activities that will add real business value to the organization. IT leaders need to evolve and bring IT around to a more business-like way of thinking – an “outside in” view focusing on business outcomes, with ITSM software taking the role of enabler, not dictator.

  In recent years, growth in new delivery and business models such as SaaS, has enabled ITSM to be delivered in the cloud. Quite simply, ITSM is rented on a pay-as-you-go basis - meaning the cost can be absorbed by the operation budget. Acquiring technology via the SaaS model is an effective workaround to the “no CAPEX budget” problem while also enabling a solution faster to help deliver greater business benefits.

  SaaS also keeps IT departments ahead of the curve – because it’s hosted in the cloud, capacity is available on demand, upgrades are seamless and ensure IT has access to the latest technology without the common upgrade headaches that are more common in on-premise solutions.

  The idea of on-demand technology is not a new one. It has gone through various incarnations from Service Bureau to ASP. The difference this time is that supporting Internet technologies are now powerful enough to make it actually work - an idea that appeals to CIOs that use top-down thinking. The way the technology is delivered is no longer important. What is important is the outcomes that can be achieved - and with SaaS technology, business outcomes can be achieved quickly and with less upfront investment than ever before. As May established in his piece on the future of IT and CIOs, IT has the ability to do what was previously thought impossible if they use the right tools, align their strategy and goals with the business, and put the right processes in place. If you ask me, the solution is clear - SaaS ITSM!

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