ITSM digest: 4 trending topics from last month

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02-Aug-2016 13:19:00

Summertime is here, but there is no sign of a vacation for the IT industry as it continues to develop and cultivate business success.

Increased emphasis on customer experience and advances in ITAM and ITSM integration have been the biggest trends of 2016 so far.

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 1. SITS16: better processes the key

For two days in June, London’s Olympia played host to over 4,000 visitors and 50 free-to-attend seminar sessions for the annual Service Desk show SITS. Among the myriad of presenters at the event, was Forrester Research Group Vice President David Wheable.

Wheable discussed the recent trends of the ITSM market based on exclusive new research conducted with Axios Systems. The research unveiled that overall IT staff morale was negatively affected by the lack of focus on process improvement. This, he argues, is the foundation for better customer experience across the whole business as the move towards automation accelerates.

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 2. The future of ITAM assessed

The drive towards ITAM/ITSM integration has become a growing trend in the IT industry. Exactly where ITAM can fit in with the rest of the business is a hotly disputed area of interest. Many market experts have their opinion on the topic as the ITAM Review has discovered.

While the importance of ITAM is generally agreed upon, how it can be resourced within an organization is more contentious. Some experts, such as Ian Fisher of the ITAM Review Forum, believe that, due to ITAM’s versatility, it can be placed within a number of departments depending on what the organization’s focus is.

Others, such as Steve O’Halloran from AssetLabs, suggest that ITAM should be outsourced and looked upon by experts due to its license complexity preventing it from “progressing to a centralized business intelligence for IT.”

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3. ITSM must be customer-centric

One of the major talking points to come out of SITS16 has been the emphasis on building and maintaining customer satisfaction. Industry experts stress the importance of identifying customers for a business and learning how to effectively address their needs.

Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes goes a long way to ensuring increased customer experience. The best way to do this? Invest time in customer feedback. The results for the business can be both tangible and plentiful.

Analyzing what customers like and dislike can help shape future developments for the Service Desk and processes. Acting upon insightful feedback has been proven to increase end user morale and overall customer satisfaction levels.

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 4. Improve your Problem Management

ITIL®-based Problem Management is taking a greater importance in the IT world these days. In order to effectively tackle new problems in the workplace, you need to know what it is you are fighting against.

itSMF provide a set of five simple but effective tips for finding permanent solutions and delivering high quality IT standards across the whole organization.

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