ITSM Whitepaper: ITIL® v3 Chief Architect explains Service Catalog Implementation

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19-Oct-2017 15:34:00
Download the whitepaperITSM Whitepaper: ITIL® v3 Chief Architect explains Service Catalog Implementation.jpgIt’s a fact that the quality of the Service Catalog can greatly affect the business’s 
perception of IT.
Service Catalog is the means by which we, as IT service providers, articulate what we can do for our business customers. It seems a simple enough concept yet so many of us get it wrong over and over again.
Business demands are pushing IT to the limit, so IT needs to look for better ways to meet those demands.
Deploying a simple and accurate Service Catalog will help your IT organization effectively manage service demand and gain credibility within the business.
There are many reasons why a Service Catalog is important but among the most compelling are that it:
  • establishes a clear view of what you can do for existing AND potential customers.
  • creates a common understanding of what a service is, and what characteristics it has.
  • illustrates your unique style and differentiation from competitors in service offerings.
  • allows you to develop core and customized service packages for your customers, thereby providing greater value, and to identify services cost efficiencies.
  • provides a basis for understanding business demand patterns which are then consistently interpreted from a service view.
  • provides a platform for users to self-serve and request services.
  • sets expectations about how services should be used and how much they will cost. It reflects how much the service will cost, not the price of components.
 Our whitepaper, with Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL® v3, explores the art of Service Catalog management; how to create a Service Catalog and what to avoid; the challenges, benefits and 5 top tips on setting it up and improving it.
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