ITSM Whitepapers: overcoming ITSM headaches in 2017

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02-Dec-2017 12:22:00

Our collection of informative whitepapers provide clarity on the ways you can combat some of the leading ITSM challenges facing the industry this year. In following these practices, organizations can better deliver service excellence while aligning IT to the requirements of the business.

The 7 steps to a successful ITSM platform migration

 Businesses today are subjected to an unprecedented rate of change. A combination of globalization, digitalization, sophisticated business automation and new ways of working are making competition even fiercer - and the only formula for long-term success is adaptability and agility. Consequently, IT is under massive pressure to put out the fires (permanently) and grow capabilities to drive innovation at a faster rate and help the business compete.
In our latest whitepaper, we talk about the trends that are challenging and changing the way organizations need to do service management in order to support rapidly changing business operations.

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How to write an IT business case
Have you started writing an IT business case? Or have you already produced a business case for IT innovation, but want to ensure you've covered all your bases?
Building an IT business case is no easy task. That's why we've produced a selection of resources crafted by the world's leading IT Service Management experts, designed to benefit IT champions.
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7 steps crucial to achieving higher IT Maturity
Our latest whitepaper lays out seven crucial attributes that help break down the barriers to achieving higher IT maturity.
IT maturity is something that business and IT leaders crave, but have great difficulty in achieving. It has reached an impasse that must be crossed for IT to remain relevant in the digital age. Data from Gartner shows that the average enterprise IT maturity is static at Level 2 .
The lack of movement inevitably causes frustration that the “tipping point” is in sight, but seemingly just out of reach. The reality is that the transition from level 2 to level 3 is a difficult journey requiring a multi-faceted transformation of the IT department.
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The 5 upgrade headaches and how to avoid them

 Upgrades are necessary to get access to the latest technology, but often the complexity of the upgrade project makes it impossible to upgrade every time.

The tools you select (and how you use them) have an impact on upgradeability. Awareness of the issues that cause upgrade headaches can help you avoid lengthy upgrades, spend less time managing your solution and more time delivering value.

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