Protect your IT systems from cyber-crime by adopting an integrated ITSM-ITAM solution

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07-Dec-2017 10:24:00

It’s hard to ignore the plight of modern-day IT, particularly among large global organizations. The surge in security breaches, license infringements and malware affecting businesses has been well-documented in the press, but how much can you do to mitigate these risks in your organization?

 We all know the damage – both operational and financial – ransomware, such as the recent WannaCry cyber-attack, can cause.

 Unfortunately, no silver bullet or magic spell exists to eliminate these threats, but by adopting a smart IT strategy from within your department, you can take the first steps to reducing the possibility of similar attacks in the future.

 Our latest video looks at the strategies you can implement to avoid heavy fines, corrupted software and disrupted processes.

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According to industry research, organizations that align IT to the needs of the business are more likely to be able to combat cyber-attacks, with effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) at the core.

 The pitfalls of not aligning the business and IT are plentiful and can have a severe impact on the level of security measures put in place.

 The consequences of a lack of strategy include:

  • Little or no process
  • Poor communication between departments
  • Limited buy-in for security measures
  • No ownership or accountability
  • Product-focused instead of business-focused teams

The above facets can potentially make your IT systems vulnerable and susceptible to attacks. So what is the solution?

 The answer may be surprisingly simple. While many organizations possess an efficient and workable IT Service Management (ITSM) solution and an equally capable ITAM tool, the two are largely independent of each other, meaning ITAM’s key functionalities, such as Patch Management and Asset Discovery Tracking tools, are difficult to merge with ITSM.

The solution is a combination of both. A fully integrated ITSM-ITAM solution provides clear visibility of hardware and software assets, while also delivering effective performance monitoring.

Taking a proactive step to protecting your company’s assets will enable you to consolidate processes, improve overall communication and maintain organizational efficiencies while saving money.

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