Social IT Management: Another Reinvention of IT

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02-Sep-2017 17:28:00

IT is evolving once again.  We moved from mainframe to PC to web, then to SaaS, and more recently to smaller portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.  IT people are used to facing change - and yet, there has been a recent change that has not been fully embraced - the push toward multiple channels of communication.

The Social Media Impact on IT

Brought about by the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and crowdsourcing which have become common in everyday consumer life,  users, particularly Generation Y, expect businesses to accommodate these communication preferences.  Whether it is a quick chat online with technical support or the ability to work collaboratively with an online community to solve a common problem, users expect the ability to use multiple channels and means to solve their issues fast.

IT Customer Expectations have Changed

Add consumerization of IT to the trend in social technologies and stalwarts of the old IT standard are facing a headwind.  IT service desks have to modernize user experiences or get out of the way.   Business users rightly expect to interact with IT in the same way they interact with their favorite brands. Communication technologies and channels - once few, now many - are converging into a macro-system of IT support to serve business users across an array of channels, touch points and devices. It’s what we call “Social IT Management.”

Social IT Management Means Choice

Social IT Management is widely known in the consumer world as “multichannel”. It’s about delivering engagement and sales, customer service and support in a way that fits in with the individual consumer’s personal life – through a mixture of in-store, call centers, websites, mobile, email and web chat. Social IT Management is about supporting your business users where, when, and how they need it. Within a Social IT Management environment, traditional support channels such as phone and fax sit alongside newer technologies such as web chat, self-service portals, mobile and enterprise social platforms to give business users the choice.

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