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Virtual Agent vs AI Bot: What's the Difference?

Research from EMA shows 7% of IT people don't make a distinction between Virtual Agents and AI bots—but there are differences. To make quick progress with AI in ITSM, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. Part of our Understanding AITSM series. 🕙 3m

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AI in ITSM: 5 Angles to Consider

Research from Microsoft shows that over half (56%) of organizations are doing something with AI, yet only 24% of business leaders say they have a defined AI strategy. Most organizations are still in "discovery phase", experimenting on a small scale to get a feel for what's possible an …

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Service Desk Chatbots Rely on Quality Support Knowledge

Think of a chatbot as the engine and support knowledge as the fuel. A service desk chatbot can be quick to deploy and free up 30% of your support capacity...if you have the right knowledge for it to tap into.

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How Chatbots are Changing Life on the Service Desk

A chatbot can look after 30% of a service desk's tickets, giving human agents more time to focus on solving the big challenges that make a real difference. When you have a chatbot looking after the basics, this triggers a cascade of benefits which together enable the service desk to t …

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6 Ways Automation and AI are Transforming Service Desks

AI in ITSM in a game-changer for the service desk

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How AI is redefining the service desk...and the rest of IT

AI is redefining the service desk agent role. Virtual agent chatbots can interact directly with employees to handle low level tasks like password resets, issues which have clear algorithmic fixes, and digital service requests. They can do so more quickly, more consistently, and more s …

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Microsoft Future Decoded 2019: AI and People dominate the agenda


AI was definitely the main theme at this year’s Microsoft Future Decoded event in London’s Docklands, with plenty of discussion around how organizations should approach the application of AI—but also a clear message that the AI explosion brings ethical challenges. The key message here …

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Improve your ITSM delivery with AI Chatbots – Don’t be afraid, we can ‘assyst’ you!


Imagine for a second, you’re in Edinburgh on a chilly winter night. You’re looking for the best restaurant that serves haggis. You type a few keywords into your search, which immediately returns results with user ratings and more importantly, directions.

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