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What is IT Operations Automation and what are its top benefits?

IT operations automation

What is IT operations automation? IT operations automation refers to the system that enables the execution of key processes without the manual activities required to accomplish them. Without the need for human intervention, IT operations teams can leave these processes on ‘auto-pilot’ …

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What is AITSM?

Part of our AITSM series. 🕙 3m

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Service Desk Challenge: Get the Right Service Desk Tools

Service desk software is a core part of our unified ITSm platform

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Service Desk Challenges: Reduce Call Volumes

Reduce call volumes coming in to your service desk

This is article 2 in a series of 8. Go to number 1 in the series here. The Challenge  A high volume of calls is the number one headache for the service desk. Sometimes it seems like everybody is just too busy logging calls to have any time to deal with the issues and requests. The pho …

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Unified IT management is the answer to a fragmented IT environment

IT environments are complex and fragmented There is no doubt that organizations today struggle with the complexity of their IT environments. Under pressure to provide more (and better) IT services to their customers, the footprint of services, devices and applications is rapidly expan …

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Reduce the stress of SAM with automated software recognition

Businessman pressing high tech type of modern buttons on a virtual background

Software license compliance and optimization is founded on knowing what you use

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Microsoft Future Decoded 2019: AI and People dominate the agenda


AI was definitely the main theme at this year’s Microsoft Future Decoded event in London’s Docklands, with plenty of discussion around how organizations should approach the application of AI—but also a clear message that the AI explosion brings ethical challenges. The key message here …

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Trend 3: Utilizing AI to save money


In our previous blog post, “Secure your IT Services with ITOM basics”, we looked at how your organization can protect its IT assets through a comprehensive IT Security plan and a fully integrated ITOM Suite.

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ITSM Best Practice - Driving Efficiencies

Service Management best practice must deliver tangible business benefits. In the second of our infographics we have highlighted the successes you can achieve with the right service management solution. If you missed our first infographic on driving customer statisfaction you can see i …

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Enterprise Service Management - The opportunity for IT

To continue with the theme of Enterprise Service Managemen t (ESM), this week we look at the opportunities it presents to IT.  The IT department is a center for service management excellence within the business. IT is the most complex service domain, responsible for tens (or hundreds) …

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