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Legacy vs Cloud ITSM: what’s the difference?

legacy vs cloud itsm: what's the difference?

We all know the importance of ITSM in enhancing service delivery and experience for both your internal and external customers. To this end, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring organizations can successfully implement their ITSM strategies. For years, enterprises have relied on …

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Windows 10 migration, are you ready?

Modern notebook computer with future technology media symbols

The mass migration to Windows 10 is already well underway for a lot of organizations, but is yours ready to make the all-important switch?

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Trend 4: Cloud First


 Trend 3 in our 5 part series looked at Utilizing AI to save money. This post concentrates on putting Cloud operations first, making the most of SaaS to drive efficiencies and higher productivity through leveraged ITSM.

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