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Is Peer IT Support Right for Your Organization?

Peer support is happening in your organization. It’s happening in every organization. Yet research firm Gartner Inc. say only 1%-5% of enterprise organizations are working to track and govern peer support—and facilitate it at scale. In most organizations, it happens under the radar. W …

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How to get Employees to Use and Adopt the Self-Service Portal

A digitial service management portal can revolutionise service desk efficiency...but only if people us it.

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Home Working: 5 Challenges your Service Desk is Facing...and How You Can Solve Them

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Home Working is Changing the Shape of Service Desk Demand

Millions of people are working at home for the first time for weeks now—some are working for organizations that previously told them that “It can’t be done”. Now that this misconception has been disproved, when this situation is all over, millions of first-time home workers will want …

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How to Provide the Right IT Support for Home Workers

How to solve the challenges of supporting home workers at scale

Your employees have never needed as much support as they do now. For most organizations, this is reflected in a sharp increase of the number of IT tickets and requests—relating to devices, communications, access, security, using new technology and more. To maintain workforce productiv …

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Trend 5: Optimizing a Digital Workplace


The final part in our blog series concentrates on optimizing a Digital Workplace and creating an agile environment which improves communication throughout your organization.

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