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Enterprise Service Management - The End User Perspective

This week we continue the theme of Enterprise Service Management, focusing on the end user perspective.  To understand one of the main benefits of Enterprise Service Management it is important to understand one key concept: the end user community of IT is also the end user community f …

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Enterprise Service Management - The opportunity for IT

To continue with the theme of Enterprise Service Managemen t (ESM), this week we look at the opportunities it presents to IT.  The IT department is a center for service management excellence within the business. IT is the most complex service domain, responsible for tens (or hundreds) …

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What is Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?

  Enterprise Service Management is about applying a service-oriented business model to the way your organization works   internally .   It is an operational architecture, a model, where each service provider within the organization--whether IT or HR, or Facilities, or any other depart …

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Top 7 ITSM trends for 2014 and beyond: Business-IT Fusion

For the next seven weeks, we’ll be looking at the top 7 trends impacting ITSM in 2014 (and beyond).

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