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3 questions CIOs should be asking their I&O teams...but probably aren't

In complex IT environments, asking the right questions is the key to discovering and solving challenges and risks—and questions can be a powerful way to shift thinking and culture. 🕔 5m read

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel Support: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between an omnichannel service desk and a multichannel service desk? "Omnichannel" and "multichannel" are often used interchangeably. But there is a difference. Part of our Omnichannel ITSM series. 🕙 4m read

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Why You Need an Omnichannel Service Desk

IT customers' expectations are influenced by their consumer-life experiences. They expect a range of options for communicating with retailers, service suppliers and government organizations so that they can choose the channel that is most convention to them right now. For commercial o …

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What Annoys IT Customers Most?

In our recent webinar 7 Critical Success Factors for an Effective and Efficient Service Desk, we surveyed attendees about the #1 thing that annoyed IT customers. The results were interesting...

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Psychology in the Service Desk: Firefighting and Burn-out

  For most service desk agents, the average day is unpredictable. The phone can ring at any time, about any type of issue.   It could be a minor issue. It could be a catastrophic system failure which is impacting business revenue by the minute (Gartner estimates the average cost of ne …

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Service Desk Challenge: Facilitate Peer Support

How can you facilitate peer support at a global scale?

This is article 7 in a series of 8. Read article 1 in the series here. The Challenge  In many cases, the service desk is not the first source for technical assistance. People frequently ask their colleagues for help before they call the service desk. Maybe they don’t want to look sill …

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Service Desk Challenge: Increase IT Customer Satisfaction

How can your service desk increase IT customer satisfaction?

This is article 6 in a series of 8. Read article 1 in the series here. The Challenge  The service desk is the face of IT—and for many IT customers, the only touch point with IT. As a result, much of the responsibility for the IT customer experience and customer satisfaction ratings fa …

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