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Legacy vs Cloud ITSM: what’s the difference?

legacy vs cloud itsm: what's the difference?

We all know the importance of ITSM in enhancing service delivery and experience for both your internal and external customers. To this end, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring organizations can successfully implement their ITSM strategies. For years, enterprises have relied on …

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What is IT Operations Automation and what are its top benefits?

IT operations automation

What is IT operations automation? IT operations automation refers to the system that enables the execution of key processes without the manual activities required to accomplish them. Without the need for human intervention, IT operations teams can leave these processes on ‘auto-pilot’ …

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What is IT Governance (ITG) and why does it matter?

IT governance

What is IT Governance? IT governance (ITG) is the process of managing and controlling key IT capability decisions to improve IT management, ensure compliance, and increase value from IT technology investments. IT governance centers around making sure the organization knows what impact …

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What is an IT ticketing system (and how to find the best one)?

What is an IT ticketing system? An IT ticketing system enables IT helpdesk or support teams to easily receive and resolve any IT support-related inquiries. By streamlining the process from the moment an end-user submits a ticket to the time a helpdesk agent resolves the issue, the IT …

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What is IT Asset Management? (ITAM)

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of overseeing the complete lifecycle of an organization’s IT assets. IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of overseeing the complete lifecycle of an organization’s IT assets. This starts from the planning, to procurement and maintenance, …

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8 Big IT Service Desk Challenges...and How to Use ITSM to Solve Them

Executive Summary In this digital whitepaper, we look at the challenges service desk managers face and the trends behind them. We will focus on the opportunities that arise from overcoming each challenge and set out practical solutions that have been proven to work. By recognizing and …

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What is IT Incident Management? (Best Practice and Processes)

IT incident management is an ITSM process that is used to resolve IT service disruptions and get interrupted services up and running as quickly as possible. This practice helps ensure that the impact of incidents on critical services is reduced, enabling operations to carry out as usu …

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Plan for a successful ITIL implementation

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one of the most popular frameworks for ITSM and is a set of guidance that helps align an organization’s IT services and business needs together. 🕔 4m read

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The Best of SWL 2022 (SupportWorld Live)

May is turning out to be an eventful month and we’re thrilled to have completed another great show at SWL (SupportWorld Live). 🕔 4m read

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Re-Live SITS 2022 (The Service Desk and IT Support Show)

At long last, SITS (The Service Desk and IT Support Show) opened their doors for a great 2-day show. 🕔 4m read

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