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SaaS ITSM Software – Value without the overheads


With IT shops under increasing pressure to align with and ultimately integrate into the business, IT needs practical technology to support their ITSM journey. After all, service management can’t exist in large organizations without some level of automation to manage the complexity. 

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9 areas for service management improvement

Did you know? On average, strategic CIOs earn $167,000 more than functional CIOs.[1]

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Reflecting on ITSM trends from 2006 - 2016

The dramatic growth of service management driven by software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been one of the most exciting IT trends to observe in recent years.

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Replacing an ITSM Solution

In this post, we take a high-level look at how you can go about replacing your old ITSM solution with a new one.

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Social IT Management: Another Reinvention of IT

IT is evolving once again.  We moved from mainframe to PC to web, then to SaaS, and more recently to smaller portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.  IT people are used to facing change - and yet, there has been a recent change that has not been fully embraced - the push tow …

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Is IT in the “Always Behind Business?”

Are IT departments in the “always-behind business?” In Thornton May’s latest article in Computerworld, he reports that most CIOs he comes across feel this way, and are under enormous pressure to do more with less. These CIOs feel they just can’t keep up with the rapid frequency of cha …

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