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7 Real-World IT Cost-Cutting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

7 real-world IT cost-cutting mistakes you need to avoid

For organizations, eliminating unnecessary costs should be second nature. This applies across all business functions, especially in IT. Savvy CIOs are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and maximize value. But sometimes this enthusiasm can go too fa …

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Microsoft Future Decoded 2019: AI and People dominate the agenda


AI was definitely the main theme at this year’s Microsoft Future Decoded event in London’s Docklands, with plenty of discussion around how organizations should approach the application of AI—but also a clear message that the AI explosion brings ethical challenges. The key message here …

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Are you customer-obsessed? Find out how IT service will revolutionize your business

Are you customer-obsessed? Find out how IT service will revolutionize your business.jpg

                                                                                               Effective service delivery puts the customer first. In adopting this approach, your organization can transform IT from its traditional tech-support origins to a service catalyst capable of a …

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Download the service management beyond IT podcasts

As an IT champion, you're no doubt skilled at multitasking and always looking for ways to improve your knowledge of the fast-moving field of service management. That's why we've produced two podcasts focused on service management beyond IT. This is sometimes referred to as Enterprise …

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4 podcasts + PDFs to help improve your ITSM strategy

If there's one thing everyone in the service management community has in common, it's how incredibly busy we are, day in, day out. On the one hand, we are fortunate to enjoy a virtually endless amount of opportunity to optimize business processes. But we always do so with finite resou …

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Choosing the right words for service management

Looking to introduce Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to the masses? Better be sure your first words aren't misinterpreted as 'blah, blah, blah'...

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Enterprise Service Management - The opportunity for IT

To continue with the theme of Enterprise Service Managemen t (ESM), this week we look at the opportunities it presents to IT.  The IT department is a center for service management excellence within the business. IT is the most complex service domain, responsible for tens (or hundreds) …

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