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Gartner: 6 Smart Steps for ITSM Tool Selection Success

  If you're thinking about buying a new ITSM solution, read Gartner's insights on the steps to take and aspects to consider. Why? Because IT organizations are predicted to overspend on ITSM tech by $750m in 2023, up from $600m in 2019. Find out how you can avoid overspend and get what …

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What is AITSM?

Part of our AITSM series. 🕙 3m

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Why Your Employee On-Boarding Experience Really Matters

5 steps to delivering a great on-boarding experience, made simple with modern service management technology 🕙 5m

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The Reality of Being a ServiceNow Customer is Falling Short of the Hype

At Axios Systems we’re seeing growing demand from ServiceNow customers who’ve been burned by application overheads and unexpected price-hikes. Now they want technology that works, without the headaches. 🕙 3m

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Winning at Knowledge Management: People and Culture

A successful Knowledge Management initiative relies on knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing relies on employee mindset (willingness to share their knowledge) and behavior (remembering to capture it at an appropriate moment). Both aspects must be driven by organizational change managem …

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Service Desk Challenge: Get the Right Service Desk Tools

Service desk software is a core part of our unified ITSm platform

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What is Procurement Debt? The pain you avoid when you make a great tech purchasing decision


In software development, technical debt is the future cost of picking an easy solution now over a better one that takes more time and effort to build. It’s about getting results now, even if this carries flaws which must be ironed out later. Procurement debt is what happens when the s …

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