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De-stress Your Service Desk With Detect-and-Correct Automation

Imagine if the phones stopped ringing. Imagine if you had time to deal with the repeat issues that have been bugging your service desk team forever. Imagine you could finally tackle those improvement projects which have been piling up for months. Detect-and-correct automation automati …

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Psychology in the Service Desk: Firefighting and Burn-out

  For most service desk agents, the average day is unpredictable. The phone can ring at any time, about any type of issue.   It could be a minor issue. It could be a catastrophic system failure which is impacting business revenue by the minute (Gartner estimates the average cost of ne …

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How Chatbots are Changing Life on the Service Desk

A chatbot can look after 30% of a service desk's tickets, giving human agents more time to focus on solving the big challenges that make a real difference. When you have a chatbot looking after the basics, this triggers a cascade of benefits which together enable the service desk to t …

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