The 5 upgrade headaches (3 of 5): Withdrawn support and solution sun-setting

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28-Sep-2017 16:51:00

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Continuing the theme of upgrade headaches this week we look at the impact of vendors withdrawing application support and sun-setting their solutions.
In recent years, the economic situation and the consolidation of the ITSM software market has driven a number of vendors to withdraw support for older versions or, in some cases, withdraw support for an entire product. With times being tough, vendors are trying to reduce their product support costs by minimizing the number of versions they are supporting. To do this, they are withdrawing support for older versions and effectively forcing customers to upgrade their toolsets – if they want to continue to receive support and manage risk. For organizations that are ‘version locked’ due to excessive customization, this is bad news as it poses a significant business risk to be forced into such a big project at a difficult time.
To avoid this situation in the future, organizations that are in the market for a new ITSM solution should be wary of clauses in vendor contracts that mandate upgrade schedules within timescales that suit the vendor’s agenda for cutting costs, or show increasing support charges for older versions. If support for the organization’s toolset version is withdrawn at a business-critical time of year (for example, a retail chain store during the Christmas period), this can have a serious impact on business and profitability.
The business cannot afford the disruption and risk of service unavailability or Service Desk downtime, as this is a business critical function. IT resources will be stretched to the limit to handle peak capacity, meaning resources are simply not available to run a successful upgrade project. This can leave the organization without vendor support for their ITSM toolset over a period that is critical for services and profitability.
You can read more about the 5 upgrade headaches in this whitepaper:

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