The 5 upgrade headaches (5 of 5): Version incompatibility and multi-stage upgrades

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30-Sep-2017 16:49:00
Whitepaper: The 5 ITSM solution upgrade headaches…and how to avoid them.jpgContinuing the theme of upgrade headaches this week we look at the impact of multi-stage upgrades.
Enterprise IT solutions are a means to an end: delivering automation, efficiency savings and innovation to organizations. During peak business periods, businesses and IT organizations rightly focus their attention on core business activity and operations, and in today’s extremely competitive business world an ITSM solutions upgrade project will often rank low on the priority scale. This problem, combined with the cost and effort to upgrade some ITSM solutions, can cause an organization to miss several product releases.
When resources become available to perform an upgrade to access much needed new functionality, the organization can find that the vendor does not support a direct upgrade path from the -2 or -3 version. As such, the organization faces a complicated multi-stage upgrade process. The customer then must decide if they want to go through not one, but two or more successive upgrade projects in order to step up through the product releases and reach the most recent version, or if they want to embark on a reimplementation and aim straight for the most recent version of the same (or a different) tool.
At Axios Systems, we don’t mandate that a customer receive and upgrade to the latest version. We understand that an upgrade project must fit around the day-to-day operation of the business. To support this, we ensure that there is always a direct path to the most recent version, from any past-released version. Customers are able to carry out the upgrade themselves in hours and days, not months. This ensures that an upgrade is always an upgrade and never a reimplementation. Consequently, over 90% of our customers are on the current or -1 release, and they are free to enjoy the latest features and functionality without the overheads associated with other ITSM solutions on the market.
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