Top 7 ITSM trends for 2014 and beyond: Big Data and Analytics

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23-Sep-2017 16:57:00
Trend number six in our series of blog posts on the top seven ITSM trends for 2014 is Big Data and Analytics.
Big data is characterized by three attributes – volume, velocity and variety. High volumes of data make it difficult to record, store and process efficiently using normal technology architectures. The velocity at which data is produced (by billions of people using billions of devices) makes it near-impossible to process the data as quickly as it’s being created. And the “Internet of Things” (IoT) could result in as many as 50 billion devices connecting to the Internet in the next few years. The information explosion has also brought a higher variety of data – making it difficult for IT systems to store, sort and process this “fuzzy” data.
Many areas of the business are swamped with data and are struggling to manage and make sense of it. In IT there are also big data challenges (and opportunities). The mass of data coming from systems monitoring tools, application performance tracking and IT customer interactions across multichannel touch-points is making it difficult for IT to see the wood for the trees. IT is an inherently complex domain, so the primary challenge lies in analysing complex, multi-dimensional datasets.
How can IT make sense of millions of system events in different formats to find the problems that will impact the business? How are IT customers making use of what IT provides and what patterns of use are hinting at the future of IT services and support? The big data challenge within IT requires a more strategic approach to managing and making sense of data – tying together data from disparate silos, harnessing new approaches to data federation, warehousing and analytics to find useful, actionable insight in an ocean of “background noise”.
For the business, data is now a strategic asset. It’s about finding ways to turn data into competitive advantage. In ITSM, data is also a strategic asset, but big data is about finding ways to improve services, reduce costs and increase IT customer satisfaction.

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