Top 7 ITSM trends for 2014 and beyond: Business-IT Fusion

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18-Sep-2017 17:01:00

For the next seven weeks, we’ll be looking at the top 7 trends impacting ITSM in 2014 (and beyond).

This week, we look at Business-IT Fusion. IT has been talking about business alignment for a number of years now, and then business-IT integration. But integration doesn’t go far enough. In order to survive and thrive, IT and the business need to be fused together at every level – business strategic, decision-making, the supply chain and day-to-day operations.

The fact that a growing number of parts of the business are defined by technology (think ecommerce, mobile retail apps and online banking) demands that IT and business units work more closely together. Whilst IT people continue to lock themselves away in the datacenter and speak their own esoteric language, there will always be a wall between IT and the business. In order to achieve the level of agility that businesses need to thrive, IT and the business need to integrate more closely and communicate better to each their common goals. In the heat of day-to-day activity, it is often forgotten that they are all parts of the same business. Business units need to be more aware of what IT does for the business, and IT needs to treat technology for what it is - a means to an end, not a reason for existence in itself.

The cultural differences run deep, so strong leadership, better integration and greater transparency are essential to breaking down silo walls and getting people working together. To do this, organizations need to take a strategic approach to integrating the two sides, supported by a mix of tech-savvy business people and business-savvy tech people who can communicate across the wall. Gartner talks about “T shaped analysts”, having breadth of understanding across business and depth of technical knowledge in their area - and this is the “shape” of IT people that organizations should look for and nurture – people who think in terms of business value and actively engage with the business to gain a deep understanding of what IT needs to do.

 You can read more about the top 7 ITSM trends in our latest whitepaper.

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