What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience?

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25-Nov-2017 12:53:00

Understanding the needs of your customers is part and parcel of making an organization successful. Identifying what customers need and why they need it is key to delivering good IT service experience. But do you know how they want to utilize these needs?

 Today, market attitudes are driven by service experience and expectations, and not delivering these effectively may be the difference between retaining customers and losing them to competitors.

 Our latest whitepaper: “What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience?”gives you clear examples of how to improve your own service experience strategy across three service scenarios:

-    Value demand
-    Failure demand
-    Information demand

 These areas are important in determining how effective your product or service is. Understanding and perfecting these will help you to better manage the IT service experience of your customers, thus, increasing customer loyalty.

 Good service experience starts with design, and design starts with the end user.

 Embracing a customer-focused mind-set will enable your organization to deliver a real world value to customers. This stems from understanding the functional requirements and stepping away from – but not neglecting – the tech side of the service.

 End users accept that things will go wrong at times, which is why preventing failure by design is the best strategy. Service experience can often be at its most effective when failure is detected and resolved before the user is even affected. Live up to user expectations by utilizing automation and knowledge.

 Identifying the information demands of both end users and end customers will give a better picture of what information is needed. This allows IT to save users thousands of hours searching for information, and boost productivity as a result.

 The “how” should not be cast in isolation from the “what” and “why”. All three must be consolidated into a single IT service experience strategy aimed at the customers, and this is the challenge. Our whitepaper delves into the processes of incorporating the best strategy to enhance IT service experience for your customers.

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