Will Moving IT to a Service-Centric Mindset Really Make Business Users Happy?

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11-Sep-2017 17:10:00
This week, we have a guest blog post from George Spalding, Executive VP at Pink Elephant. 
Will Moving IT to a Service-Centric Mindset Really Make Business Users Happy? Well…the short answer is…Yes.  The longer answer is…Probably…It Depends…and…it has to be better than we’ve got now.

It may seem unthinkable that some IT departments in 2013 are still technology-focused but, sadly, they are. 

 The recent recession of 2008 lasted several years and, in some cases, stopped IT maturation in its tracks. Many organizations shifted into a desperate survival mode and cut personnel and capital spending to the bone.  IT maturity stopped or even regressed.  Service-focused initiatives became optional “niceties”.  IT’s reputation suffered. Customer Service suffered. Productivity suffered. But the belief that there was a “magic bullet” out there in the cloud…flourished. As we climb slowly out of the recession hole, IT is discovering that the world changed while they were hunkering down. IT has become “consumerized”!  Average people can buy services on “personal clouds”.  Every software solution has a cloud option.  IT has become more of a customer or middleman/broker of services than a straight creator and provider of services.  This change is permanent…we will never go back.  And along with this change and the new “broker” status of IT comes an increased awareness of the service mindset.  Because IT now purchases services as a customer more than ever before…then passes those services along to end-users and business units.  IT must demand adherence to Service Levels from its providers, just as the Business demands adherence to Service Levels from IT. It is a whole new world.  Or is it?  

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