Social IT

Boost Knowledge Management with Social IT

Social IT

Knowledge is the lifeblood of every organization and IT support is no different. Good support doesn't happen without good knowledge behind it. For most IT organizations, knowledge is locked up in people’s heads. When knowledge isn't shared it isn't scalable – and what happens when employees leave your organization? 
With almost 1/3 of people actively looking for a new job at any given time, having a knowledge management strategy is becoming critical to business continuity.
Few companies realize the full potential of their “organizational knowledge capital” and IT is no different. By combining social IT and collaboration with your knowledge management strategy, IT infrastructure and operations people can crowdsource a useful database of infrastructure and support knowledge.

This on-demand video will reveal:
  1. The knowledge challenges faced by IT.
  2. Where a knowledge base fits into support activities to improve quality and reduce costs.
  3. Practical tips on how you can get social IT to drive your knowledge management strategy.


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