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How to Reduce Unplanned Work & Increase Customer Value with Transparency & Automation

How to Reduce Unplanned Work & Increase Customer Value with Transparency & Automation

A Webinar with Pink Elephant and Axios Systems

How to Reduce Unplanned Work
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Troy DuMoulin
VP R&D at Pink Elephant

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Pat Moran
Business Solutions Consultant at Axios Systems

In a digitally driven economy speed to market, speed to value, speed to restore service is critical to brand loyalty and customer engagement. However, many organizations struggle with the reactive nature of their IT delivery and support processes where the “Tyranny of The Urgent” seems to always overcome the necessary and the good.

In this informative webinar Troy DuMoulin from Pink Elephant and Pat Moran from Axios Systems will describe how key ITIL practices such as Monitoring & Event, Incident and Problem Management pair nicely with Data Analytics, AI-Ops and Kanban boards to create transparency into unplanned work and improve customer success metrics such as time to repair, system availability and customer satisfaction.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • The key differences between monitoring and event workflow automation 
  • Moving from detect & respond to resilience and anti-fragility 
  • How proactive Problem Management can reduce unplanned work 
  • How to identify and make visible unplanned work using ITSM and Lean tools 
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