Service-driven Manufacturing - ITSM ESM for competitive advantage

Service-driven Manufacturing - IT/Enterprise Service Management for competitive advantage

Crack the code to service-driven Manufacturing with ITSM and ESM

In today's market, customers no longer limit their expectations to mere products; they crave comprehensive solutions, tangible outcomes, and unforgettable experiences. Manufacturers that can not only adapt to this paradigm shift but also harmonize their strategies with it are not merely enduring; they are flourishing.


This shift underscores the growing demand for the proper tools and strategies to facilitate this change. In this ever-evolving setting, ITSM and ESM is emerging as an essential asset.


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  • The current landscape of service-driven manufacturing 
  • The intricacies of IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management in the realm of manufacturing 
  • Scaling service-driven initiatives and overcoming growth obstacles