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Virtual Learning Series: Part 1 of 3

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In this virtual learning session, you'll discover: 

  • Define the modern service desk
  • Help you assess your state of readiness
  • Essential capabilities of Self-Service and Knowledge Management

Building a modern service desk: Self-Service and Knowledge Management

In this 3-part series, ITSM industry experts walk through the steps to building a next-generation service desk. 

Expectations have changed. A modern service desk must go beyond offering IT support through a phone number and email box. It must provide a range of digital and non-digital channels to fit the customer’s preferences and current context. Customers want choice: web, mobile, phone, email, walk-up, human agent, or virtual agent. They also want simplicity: access to all corporate services in one place: IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Marketing, Administration, and others. 

Building a modern service desk requires planning. It’s founded on a number of prerequisite capabilities: self-service, service automation/orchestration, knowledge management, AIOps/AITSM, and omnichannel ITSM. In this 3-part series we break down the steps to building a modern service desk—including the new capabilities and tech you will need to make it happen, and how you can drive organizational change that sticks. 

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