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Why Omnichannel IT Support Will be the New Normal

Webinar with Pink Elephant and Axios Systems

According to Gartner, 65% of organizations say over 60% of their workforce is now working remotely. This dramatic shift has highlighted the challenge of remote user support.

With desk side support now impossible, organizations have realized they don’t have the tools to support remote workers. They’ve scrambled to deploy a patchwork of solutions—often bolted onto a legacy ITSM platform—to satisfy demand for omnichannel interaction.

As a result, they have a fragmented toolset which can’t give them a unified view of the IT customer. In the “new normal” they need a unified ITSM platform that covers all digital channels, allowing them to serve the customer in a much more effective and productive manner.

In this webinar we will share expert advice on developing and rolling out an omnichannel support model, which will enable you to adapt to the increasing demands of both in office and the remote workforce.

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Troy DuMoulin, VP R&D of Pink Elephant

Kevin Patterson


Kevin Patterson, Business Development Manager of Axios Systems

What you'll discover:

  • Why omnichannel support is the new normal
  • How to develop an omnichannel channel strategy
  • Cost savings associated with a successful omnichannel 
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