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Service teams everywhere struggle with the same old challenges


Unnecessary admin

Repetitive, laborious administrative tasks mean teams spend too much time putting out fires.


Poor visibility

Service teams don’t have a bird’s eye view of service requests, which means important tasks too often fall off the radar.


Lack of agility

Legacy tech means service teams have to be at the desk to view requests - which prevents them from resolving issues on the go and in the field.

IFS assyst in action.

Increase visibility, boost collaboration and save time with IFS assyst service desk solutions.

Same service desk, less stress

Expand your service desk capabilities without adding pressure on your team – or your budget.

Decrease repeat calls

Divert up to 80% of calls from the service desk with easily accessible service tools.

Gain useful insights

Real-time IT data analysis push useful insights to the agents, helping resolve issues quicker.


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assyst helped us gain a £3.1 million benefit to the business through the tracking and facilitation of over 500 customer-focused service improvements from cost saving, customer retention and increased orders.
UK's Largest Online Retailer
The assyst enabled the Department of Conservation to move to electronic management of over 200 different services from 14 internal service providers as diverse as legal, Geospatial Information Services, procurement and scientific advice.
Peter Noble

Department of Conservation

Solutions for your industry

IFS assyst’s smart and flexible technology can help you tackle the most challenging issues in your industry.

Enable your people to do their best work

Get the most out of your people’s time by reducing admin overheads, letting everyone focus on providing value to your customers.


Have information within easy reach

Break down silos within departments and enable your workforce to collaborate effectively.


Leap ahead of the competition

Leverage new technologies by optimizing workflows and moving with agility to get ahead of your competitors.


Deliver positive patient experience

Remove complex and tedious admin, and help your staff focus on what's most important: great patient care.


Modernize the citizen experience

Boost productivity and innovation in government services - giving everyday citizens the information and help they need, when they need it.


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