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8 big IT service desk challenges

8 Big IT service desk challenges... and how to use ITSM to solve them

The challenges service desk managers face, the trends behind them, and the opportunities that arise from overcoming each of them.






IT support enablement

Achieving consistent service delivery, expediting response times, and promoting collaboration.


Multichannel engagement

Keeping your workforce connected and engaged.


Adaptive change and release

Effective and flexible change management across your IT environment.


Service configuration management

Keep track of your entire technology and service stack, all in one place.


Service reporting & resource management

Effectively track IT support performance and manage workforce availability and capacity.



Optimizing key ITSM processes

Streamline service request fulfilment, pinpoint bottlenecks, and enable smooth integration of external tools and processes.


Case management

Disentangle complex IT and non-IT services involving multiple stakeholders and processes, and ensure all tasks are checked off.