Deliver a better deal for your citizens

The public sector is haunted by the same old challenges

High expectations

Citizen expectations are higher than ever, meaning you have to find ways to do more with less.

Manual, laborious workload

Processes like freedom of information (FOI) requests, and citizen queries are time-consuming and manual.

Ever-changing regulations

Compliance is non-negotiable, but regulations vary hugely between departments and organizations, and processes remain highly manual.

IFS assyst in action.

How IFS assyst solutions help government organizations do more with less. 

A more efficient future for government organizations

Let IFS assyst do the heavy lifting

Provide great services and support your people with IFS assyst’s powerful solutions.

Unify your internal services

Create a one-stop-shop for all your internal services and provide a smoother experience for your employees. Whether it’s IT, HR, Finance, or Facilities, get all the moving parts of your organization working better together with IFS assyst’s ESM solution.


Simplify IT

Take the stress out of service and free your service teams from endless reactive requests. Get on the front foot of ITSM with tech that empowers your teams.


Take control of your processes

Low-code tech puts you in the driving seat of your IT. Build your own workflows for common processes like provisioning, invoicing, and more.


Gain full visibility of your IT operations

Get a birds’ eye view over your IT and infrastructure so you can quickly make the right decisions for your enterprise and end-users.

360° view

IFS assyst by numbers

Driving success at its core, IFS assyst ensures the technology is there when your people need it.



Put the power of technology and support in the hands of your people: anywhere, anytime.



Take back control of your time by automating repetitive tasks and removing admin burden from your hands.



Eliminate disruptions to billable time with comprehensive tools to help you achieve non-stop availability.


Did you know...

...that with IFS assyst, you get full mobile access meaning that anybody can use it on the go? It's perfect for the world of distributed work!

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