Creating Value Beyond Products A Guide to Servitization with ESM and ITSM

Creating Value Beyond Products: A Guide to Servitization with ESM and ITSM

Level up your servitization game with ESM and ITSM

The fierce competition in the manufacturing landscape means organizations need to be creative when it comes to finding ways to cultivate value that extends beyond product offerings for their customers. In comes servitization.


Servitization’s relevance to the manufacturing sector has been undeniable, with successfully servitized manufacturers outperforming their peers long-term by 50%. But this shift is no walk-in-the-park and would require a mindset shift within the organization. The right ESM and ITSM strategies can help accelerate this change.


With this guide, you will discover:

  • How ESM and ITSM help manufacturers create value beyond products
  • How to kickstart servitization in your organization
  • Key considerations on finding the best tools to support your servitization drive