Service-driven Manufacturing - Enterprise Service Management for competitive advantage NEW

Service-driven Manufacturing - IT/Enterprise Service Management for competitive advantage

The quest towards service-driven manufacturing

Imagine a factory floor pulsating with life, not just creating products, but orchestrating an entire symphony of service. The shift is seismic: from products to experiences, from transactions to relationships. Customers demand more than just a product; they crave a journey—a seamless fusion of innovation, reliability, and delight. 

ESM/ITSM acts as the bridge between the tangible and the transformative. Picture a world where every touchpoint—whether it’s a maintenance request, a supply chain hiccup, or a customer inquiry—is seamlessly orchestrated. ESM unlocks this symphony, harmonizing processes, people, and technology. 


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  • Discover the current terrain of service-driven manufacturing
  • Unveil the intricacies of ESM in manufacturing
  • Uncover the strategies for scaling service-driven initiatives 
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