Published26 April 2024
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5 Reasons to Attend IFS Connect in Your Area

IFS Connect

Have you registered for IFS Connect yet?


With the IFS Connect series well underway, do not miss out on this exciting opportunity! The success of the first one in Birmingham, UK got us even more pumped up for the following ones. If you’re still unsure about attending, here are just some reasons why it’s not to be missed.


What is IFS Connect?


IFS Connect is a unique opportunity to discover more about IFS’ products, meet industry experts, and engage with technology partners. This year’s theme focuses on how organizations can leverage new tools, applications, and strategies to unlock business value, ensuring resilience and growth against tomorrow’s challenges.


1. Unlock Business Value

Discover how you can achieve Productivity, Predictability, and Agility with IFS and unlock value for your business. Immerse yourself in the talks, exhibitions, and breakout sessions to learn how these themes can be applied to your people, processes, assets, services, and business performance.



2. Meet IFS’ Visionaries

Gain exclusive access to the minds behind IFS. Engage with senior leadership and the local team who shape the company’s vision and drive innovation. It’s the perfect opportunity to advocate for your ideas and initiatives. Your insights could influence future product features and organizational strategies.



3. Network with the Best

Forge meaningful connections with industry leaders, fellow professionals, and potential collaborators. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and best practices, and build a network that extends beyond the event.



4. Discover Innovative Tools and Solutions

Dive into comprehensive sessions covering the current industry insights. Freely choose from breakout sessions to enhance your understanding of the latest developments in IFS technologies. Hear directly from fellow industry leaders on how they used technology to tackle challenges you may resonate with. IFS assyst team members and partners will also be present, so you can discuss your challenges and gain insights into how you can best leverage assyst’s ESM/ITSM/ITOM solutions in your organization.


5. Closer to You

IFS wants to connect with as many of you as possible and what better way to do that than meet you where you are! The multiple locations enable everyone the chance to attend to the one closest to them and benefit from the localized expertise they encounter.



Find out the full list of IFS Connect events here.


The great thing is that it’s free to attend – simply register using the link above. Another great thing is that if you attend, you will secure a discount on your ticket for our flagship event - IFS Unleashed!



Want to get a feel of what they’re like? Watch this highlights video from IFS Connect UK&I.


We hope to see you in the next one!


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