Published29 September 2023
3 minute read

Our latest Enterprise Service Management solution release IFS assyst 11.7 is live!

117 is live

We are thrilled to inform you of the latest release of our Enterprise Service Management solution – IFS assyst 11.7!


It is loaded with some great new features and capabilities to streamline your workflows and supercharge your IT operations. With IFS assyst 11.7, we offer the tools, innovations, and experiences to help accelerate service delivery in the new reality by optimizing people, IT assets, and service processes across your organization.



Enterprise Service Management


Extend efficient service delivery to other teams


There are now over 200+ out-of-the-box workflow templates to empower teams across your organization. Provide self-service access to the services available, increasing the agility and speed of your operations.

Increase visibility into service demand and capacity


Improved performance and new reporting capabilities with Power BI report templates let you quickly understand changing demand and service levels across your organization to improve operational efficiency. Helps your service desks measure their performance against best practices with a set of powerful Service Desk Institute Power BI report templates.

Drive employee productivity and elevate experiences


Let our more helpful and friendly AI chatbot virtual agent assist with links to knowledge articles for frequently asked questions, creating tickets, and executing redirections to agents when needed. With improved understanding of queries and easier administration, get employees the answers they need faster.


Reduce the cost and risk of integrations


IT infrastructure is ever changing as organizations transform and/or grow. IFS assyst APIs are further improved, including support for Boomi integration, to more efficiently maintain and employ new integrations across your business applications and IT landscape.



IT Operations Management


Proactively minimize security vulnerabilities


Reduce risk and ensure timely renewal of SSL security certificates. Prevent potential security vulnerabilities with the new ITOM discovery of SSL certificates and their expiry dates plus proactive notifications.


Increase uptime with operational focus


Let IT operations personalize their ITOM dashboards to get the information they care about. Monitor operations more easily to ensure availability and resiliency.


Mitigate against security breaches

All Business Users can now seamlessly integrate Azure Key Vault into the ITOM application. Mitigate risks and enhance the overall security of the environment by safeguarding privileged accounts and credentials during the utilization of the ITOM application, particularly during infrastructure asset discovery.


You can find the assyst 11.7 release notes, as well as learning resources on our IFS Community page.



Keen to see the new release in action?


Watch this on-demand webinar where we show you how IFS assyst 11.7:


  • enables seamless self-service access to services with 200+ out-of-the-box workflow templates
  • elevates employee productivity and experience with AI
  • simplifies integrations for growth
  • strengthens IT Operations Management (ITOM)
  • fortifies security measures
  • ... and more