Published26 March 2024
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Better usability, higher performance – IFS assyst 11.8 is live!

118 is live

Exceptional service starts here. We’re excited to announce the latest release of our Enterprise Service Management solution – IFS assyst 11.8! 


Leveraging the powers of AI, we have some great new features and capabilities to make the service experience in your organization more personalized, more streamlined, and more efficient. We truly value the importance of user experience and so, with this release, assyst is easier to manage and use than ever!



Better Usability 




The chatbot can now automatically close resolved issues, streamlining efficiency and enhancing ticket management. ChatGPT integration for interactions provides users with a more robust and engaging chat experience.


Event Management


Improved action validation for Events resulting in less administration of exceptions by service owners and agents. By reducing errors, service teams can ensure smoother service delivery.



Higher Performance




Users will notice the new “Events and Actions” report  and updated Assets report   These changes are designed to boost efficiency and optimize resource usage when generating reports. Whether you’re tracking specific events or analyzing actions, the enhanced reporting capabilities provide valuable insights.




Memory and storage requirements for attachments have been reduced with Azure Storage V2 support. These result in a smaller overall footprint, which benefits both performance and resource management. 


• Integrations


The REST messaging system has been fine-tuned for greater efficiency. Improved integration performance ensures that data flows seamlessly between different systems. Additionally, field mapping for integrations eliminates the need for scripting skills for simple data mapping . Basic data mapping can now be handled effortlessly.



Discovering Cloud Infrastructure


The latest improvements in ITOM with the discovery for AWS cloud-hosted resources including AWS Org Hierarchy and Resource Groups. Additionally, TAG information from both AWS and Azure are now part of the discovery making it possible to create service maps utilizing these tags. This means that assyst users gain a more comprehensive view of their Cloud environment, enhancing visibility and management.



Seamless Upgrades


Customizations made to the Chatbot language model can now be retained during system upgrades. Administrators can audit language model changes and maintain backups. This ensures a smoother transition during software updates without losing any tailored configurations. 



IFS Cloud Field Service Management Integration


The integration between assyst and IFS Cloud Field Service Management is a significant step. It allows customers to seamlessly manage ITIL-driven help/service desk requests. Furthermore, it aligns maintenance delivery and service tasks with SLA management, streamlining processes and enhancing overall service quality. 



Keen to see assyst 11.8 in action?


Watch our on-demand webinar in which we covered how the new product release empowers you to:


  • Create a more personalized and smoother user experience 
  • Leverage reporting to improve performance
  • Increase the visibility of your Cloud infrastructure
  • Deliver exceptional end-to-end service with assyst/FSM solution integration
  • ... and more


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