IFS assyst Rapid Deployment Services


Rapid Deployment Services from IFS assyst are designed to help customers get to market faster and ensure a successful and quick implementation.




Why assyst's Rapid Deployment is the right choice

Standard package

Choose additional services that suit your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get up and running?
    We could get you going in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Can I add additional services to cover areas that are out of scope from a Standard Package?

    Yes. If for example you want us to work with you to configure more Service Requests then additional time to help you can be added separately.


  • What about Project Management? 
    All engagements have a dedicated Project Manager to guide you though the process of getting your organization up and running on assyst.
  • What involvement is required from my side? 
    Rapid deploy packages are implemented using a hands-on knowledge transfer and shadowing process. We will guide your assyst administrators in getting the system up and running. That way when the implementation is complete you have the skills and confidence to manage your own environment. 
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